Tech skill area: Text image generators

Project - Create a Wordle tag cloud


Go to this site: and create a wordle.

1 click on Create

2 Create a list of 20 words that describe you.
Are you a soccer player, daughter, sister, ice cream eater, artist...

3. Highlight your list and copy it - command C this is in case Wordle messes up you can just try again and paste your word list.
If you don't copy it, you'll have to start over:( 

4. Click GO this take a minute, be patientgo

5. Take a screen capture of your Wordle command-shift-4

6. Insert the Wordle image onto the first page of your Google web site.







• Students will:
_understand how to create Wordle, Cool Sign, Jibjab video and Graffiti generation.

–understand various methods for inserting and embedding images

_expereince use of HTML code to insert video

• Have a fellow student check your work

•Have your pages checked by me

Project Examples



Insert - placing an image of document onto a page.

Embed - placing a site or image from another site onto your site by using code that draws the image or document into your site.

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