Tech skill area: Digital video

Project - Learn silent films

Early in film, there was no audio. Video was black and white. Scenes were interspersed with titles and written dialogue on black cards. Background music was supplied by an organ player in each theater.

Charlie Chaplin was an important silent film actor. Watch "The Kid" one of his popular movies here:

Now plan your own silent black and white film. Use a simple plot line, for example boy likes girl, girl likes other boy, there is a clash, she choose neither of them.

Storyboard or outline your story, short varied shots apply.

Once you shoot and upload you will filter all of your shots to black and white

You will add text on black backgrounds between every few shots

Select a background music that supports the story but does not distract the viewer from the movie and text.

Add credits.





• Students will:
_understand finder operations

–set desktop image

_set doc app shortcuts

• Have a fellow student check your work

•Have doc and desktop checked

Project Examples



desktop - The part of the finder that gives you the visual of files, applications, folders and image.

doc - the area on a Mac where shortcut images to many applications you may use sit.

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