Tech skill area: News-Magazine Show segment

Project - Create parts of a News-Magazine show

School magazine interviews

You will create part of an Everitt School Magazine video. This will involve interviewing a teacher or staff member about what they do at Everitt. Think of someone you admire, someone new to the school, someone who runs a specific project like the Read 180.

You will need to ask them if they are willing to be interviewed and set up a time to do the interview

You will need to create (and give them ahead of time) a set of questions ahead of time so they will be prepared. Often it is best to ask them what questions might be good to ask, they know best what they are doing and what might be interesting.

Review your list of questions and who you have chosen to interview with Mrs. Saylor before you start.

Everitt School Magazine Interview videos

- Write and ask good questions
- Get good stories that are told in an interesting way
- Examine and understand the different beliefs, interests, hopes, and fears in follow up questions
- Evaluate your evidence to make conclusions

Explanation Questions?

  • What caused this event….?
  • Why did this happen….?
  • What happened next….?
  • Can you describe the scene in one word….?
  • Explain the reason for…..?
  • What was your point of view about…..?
  • Can you describe the scene…..?

Judgment Questions

  • What was the happiest (funniest or saddest) memory?
  • What was your biggest accomplishment?
  • What actions would you change if you had a chance to relieve those years again?
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for details or explanations.
    Back up questions
  • Why was this important?
  • How did the story begin or end?
  • What else did you want to tell me about this?
  • What important question did I forget to ask you?

Put your video of the questions together with shots of interesting things, students answering the same questions, action shots... what ever you can think of to break up the interview so it is not just talking heads going on for ever. Remember the 1-3 second rule. You can detach the audio to let the voice go on while the visuals change, this adds interest.





• Students will:
_understand how to conduct interviews

–how to create a set of interesting open-ended questions

_how segments go together to create a news-magazine show.

• Have a fellow student check your work

•Post your video to your web site

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