Tech skill area: Finder exploration

Project - Set desktop image and doc shortcuts

√ Write a review of a movie you watched over the holiday break.


Movie/DVD/Video Reviews: In your review, please include these things:

  1. A short plot summary
  2. What did you like about the way the movie was filmed?
  3. What methods were used, what unique shots were employed to create unique effects, give examples.
  4. What was the pace of the film, did it vary in different parts of the film?
  5. What was the color scheme of the video, (what 2-3 colors were predominant) if you can't remember, find a trailer of the film and see if you can pick this up. What emotional reactions did these color choices cause in the audience?
  6. How did the cinematography choices made by the producer effect the overall quality and storytelling of the film? Be specific and give examples.
  7. Basic Information for Movies/ DVDs/ Videos (look at the for this info)
    • Title:
    • Rating:
    • Company:
    • Director:
    • Screenwriter:
    • Starring:
    • Length of Movie/Video/DVD:

Create a new page on your iWeb site and post your review. Let me know when it is done for grading





• Students will:
_Apply ideas they are learning to videos they watch

–set desktop image

_set doc app shortcuts

• Have a fellow student check your work

•Have doc and desktop checked

Project Examples



desktop - The part of the finder that gives you the visual of files, applications, folders and image.

doc - the area on a Mac where shortcut images to many applications you may use sit.

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