Tech skill area: Mashup and remix

Project - Create a Mashup of pre-produced video and primary source material to tell a school related subject

√ Video Mash-up

Ripping video from Youtube to use as pieces of your own video is legal if you only use small bits and create something that is totally new and innovative. Copying someone else's work and presenting it as your own is against the law.

To support a lesson you are learning in another class like American History, for example you will create a Mash-up or remix video.

Find a reenactment or piece of a movie that contains visual information on a topic you have learned about in class for example the Indian removal, Civil war, Industrial revolution, Lewis and Clark...

It is easy to download video from youtube. Paste the link into this site, You will need to which is Quicktime. These formats are compatible with iMovie. You to paste a URL and email yourself the final video, make sure to choose .mov format. Select an email that you can get to at school, or Saylor's -

Look for primary source materials - original photographs or paintings that also represent the historical story you want to tell. Drag these to your desktop to use in your video. PBS is a good place to look, searching keyword primary source with the topic should bring you to old photos from the time period.

Think about the story you want to tell. It should be a summary of what you have learned about the topic. Organize your thoughts in an outline first, you should use Celtix to plan your story.

Import the video and images to iMovie. Cut the video to 1-3 second clips

Tell your OWN story, don't copy the one on your video Reenactments are good sources for action from a historical event.

Narrate and or place text to tell what is happening, places, people, events, deaths, dates...

Place a title and credits. Credits should include all sources you used in your video.





• Students will:
_understand how to use reenactments or other produced video to create your own story

–Learn to download and import Youtube videos

_Tell a historic, science or Lang Arts related story by using the productions of others by creating something totally new with it.

• Have a fellow student check your work

•Post your video to your web site

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