Tech skill area: Video production

Project - Final Project

√ cool videos for ideas the pen story tons of stop motion ideas

√ Final Project


Choose any of the following ideas to create a final project. You will need to storyboard it and get approval from me before beginning. Plan your time carefully as we only have 12 weeks in this class.

•PSA non-profit commercial
•Historic event from personal experience - interview
•Black/white silent video
•Music video
•Talk show
•Game show
•How -to instructional video
•School magazine interview segments/whole
•Intro to Everitt for new 7th graders
•Investigative report
•Biography or autobiography
•Cribs type show
•Parody or Satire
•Stop motion video
•Everitt web site video about our school
•Music Video
•Smashup for curricular support, history, science, art...
~Audio editing project



Check out this site helps you create cool slideshow videos. This could be an option for your final project


iWeb Portfolio

DI would like to save your work for future students to learn from.

Make sure that each video and your radio play are part of your digital portfolio that you started on iWeb.


Name your movie, when you are in iWeb, you will see youth video in tech Media Browser.

Give a brief explanation of what you did on each video page, give each assignment it's own page.

Make sure to tell me if you want a DVD of your work in class by Monday of the last week, you have 3 weeks left to finish up all projects.

√ Final Reflection

On a final page of your iweb portfolio, write a CESo assessment of what you have learned in this class. Use examples of what you now know and in a final paragraph how you will use your new skills in your future.


Post your favorite video as a blog post on the video blog.

User name password 3900raider

Give feedback to one other video student, they do not have to be in your period to do this. Put your name on the reply to get credit


Give me feedback on this class, what can I do better next time I teach it? Post 4 stickies on wall

Post 5 sticky notes on this wall.

They will be approved, put your name on them to get credit.

1 Comment on what assignments you liked best,

2 which were just okay,

3 which you did no like and why, and

4 any suggestions for future assignments.

5 What can I do to make this class better next time around?


Create two video on this site depicting words found on their site. Place them on your iweb portfolio to get credit and post them to brainyflix.

You will need to upload your two video word movies to schooltube to login. Your account details are:

Username: asaylor
Password: 1tU5H2YYDk

Save any video you want by today, otherwise they will be lost when I redo the computers for next trimester.

Once this is done and your iweb portfolio is in good shape, I save them off for examples next tri, you can have free time!

Collect all of your video work. Make sure it is in your portfolio in iweb. If you want to burn it to a DVD or CD to save make arrangements to do so in week 12.



• Students will:
_understand finder operations

–set desktop image

_set doc app shortcuts

• Have a fellow student check your work

•Have doc and desktop checked

Project Examples



desktop - The part of the finder that gives you the visual of files, applications, folders and image.

doc - the area on a Mac where shortcut images to many applications you may use sit.

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