Tech skill area: Video Documentary

Project - Create a video autobiography

Think about Anne Franks Diary, this gave us a picture of a teens life in the harsh time of World War II. You will create your own video autobiography about what is important to you in your life right now in middle school. Think about what things you want to show your grandchildren.

You will create your own autobiography telling future generations about your life right now in middles school. Here are ideas of what you might want to include or focus on:

  • A day in the life
  • My life as a soccer player, dancer, football player...
  • What is important to me in my life - family friends, school, activities
  • Where I live, a "Cribs" type of video, take the viewer through your home.

Plan your video on a storyboard so you will get a variety of shots and be organized to tell your story. Use this storyboard if there are no sheets printed.

Use words, sketches, stick figures to decide how your video will look. Remember to use a variety of different shots to add interest.

Each clip should be no longer than 1-3 seconds long.

Use transitions to change scenes or where appropriate.

Use sound effects and/or background music to enhance your story.

Give your video a title and credit all actors, music etc plus filmed by, directed by...

Save your video and place it on your iweb portfolio.





• Students will:
_understand what elements make up a documentary story

–expand your planning skills using storyboards

_evaluate your story against your initial plans

• Have a fellow student check your work

•Post your video to your web site

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