Tech skill area: Spreadsheet and charting

Project - Survey tools and analytics

Log into your Google docs area, and Create a new form


Name the from as your name

Create 5 questions on anything you are curious about, like favorite color, candy bar, music...

USE every type of question if possible

add item

Edit questions by clicking the pencil icon


When you are done apply a background THEME to your survey

theme choose - then apply 


Once you are done go to the live survey by clicking the blue link


Have 5 of your classmates take your survey

Now go to your Google Docs and choose your survey

Look at the spreadsheet, sort for different results colorize the spreadsheet to make it more understandable

Under the Form menu, choose show summary of results


NOW insert all three, your form, your spreadsheet and a few pics of the charts that Google crated on your Google Portfolio web site on a new page called survey.

Answer this question: In what class or activity could you use surveys to help you get information on what you are learning or doing? What questions would you ask?




• Students will:
_understand how to create a survey

_understand how surveys can report results onto a spreadsheet where they can be sorted

–understand how to make use of the Google graphs - Summary of results

_Apply waht you learn to other places you can create surveys and use the results for better understanding

• Have a fellow student check your work

Project Examples



Survey -to collect data for the analysis

Analytics -the method of logical analysis

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