Tech skill area: Spreadsheet and charting

Project - Create a grade book

Create a grade book

In column A-1 place the header STUDENT

A-2 place the names of 6 students

In row B-1 to B7 place the names of different assignments for example test, quiz, worksheet, project, papers...

Now fill in the cells, give each student a different grade for each assignment. NO ONE can have the same grade on any assignment.

Now total the number of points for each student. SUM in the total column, then drag over the 6 grades and click enter

Next divide by SUM in the %Grade then points earned /points possible times 100 to change the decimal to a % grade.

Challenge, can you find the class GPA?

Place the spreadsheet onto your Google Portfolio Web site

Answer this question: Where else could you use a spreadsheet to help you do large amounts of math?






• Students will:
_understand what data is

_understand the elements of a spreadsheet, cell, column, row, formula bar, headers

–Use the chart feature to create a graph of your data. 

_Explain how using the chart feature can help you to understand data trends

• Have a fellow student check your work

Project Examples



Statistics -data that can be represented numerically

Chart -A chart is a visual representation of data,

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