Tech skill area: Digital newsletter - word processing

Project - Health topic newsletter

Site and login

1. Go to

2. Login and go to the DOCS area

3. Select New From template

4 Search for "saylor"


Choose Saylor Health Newsletter template

Make sure to choose USE TEMPLATE


5. Use this template to build an informative newsletter on a health problem or disease you are interested in.








• Students will:
_ understand how to create online newsletters

–use formatting skills in new project area

_ work on research skills

_ search for graphics to support communication and place them in newsletter


• Have a fellow student check your work

•Post your finished newsletter to your web site portfolio

•Make sure you have added the two reflection questions to the web page

Project Examples



desktop - The part of the finder that gives you the visual of files, applications, folders and image.

doc - the area on a Mac where shortcut images to many applications you may use sit.

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