Tech skill area: Online image generators

Project - Create signs from Flickr images

 √My Cool Signs - create a cool sign here and place icool signst on your Google web site home page.

1. Go to

2. Type your name or saying into the box provided

3. choose size and color then click

4. Click GO

5. Save your sign by taking a screen capture using Command-Shift-4

6. Insert the image onto your home page of your Google Web site

TIP, the longer your words, the smaller your sign will be. It might be good to do 2-3 signs and then put them all together on your site.







• Students will:
_ understand how to create Wordle, Cool Sign, Jibjab video and Graffiti generation.

–understand various methods for inserting and embedding images

_expereince use of HTML code to insert video

• Have a fellow student check your work

•Have your pages checked by me

Project Examples



Insert - placing an image of document onto a page.

Embed - placing a site or image from another site onto your site by using code that draws the image or document into your site.

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