Tech skill area: Embedding images to video

Project - Create a Jib Jab video


√ Jib-jab yourself and friendsski

Learn how to insert an image into a flash video

1. Visit JibJab and make a video with your face and maybe a few friends. -  Choose a Jib Jab to star in.

Log in using 
Password raider

2. Upload your face and fine tune the edges and mouth.createnewhead

Upload an image from your desktop



3. Position the face, zoom in our out, rotate it to get the eyes straight and place eyes on the eye line.



Fine tune your image, move the points to the edges of the face


4. Animate the mouth to enable singing in the video.


Once you are done, name the face


Next do any final adjustments to the head, color, flip or scale it


Next drag the face into the character or several if there are more than on in your video.

click and drag


3. Once you are happy with your video, choose Take a screen capture Command-shift-4 of your movie or picture and place it on your web site in a page named





• Students will:
_understand how to create Wordle, Cool Sign, Jibjab video and Graffiti generation.

–understand various methods for inserting and embedding images

_expereince use of HTML code to insert video

• Have a fellow student check your work

•Have your pages checked by me

Project Examples



Insert - placing an image of document onto a page.

Embed - placing a site or image from another site onto your site by using code that draws the image or document into your site.

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