Tech skill area: inserting and embedding objects to web pages

Project - Online tools to create fun signs and movies


√ Graffiti your name



1. create your first and last name using this online tool.

2. Play with colors and fills

3. When you are happy with your graffiti take a screen capture using
[ command, shift and 4] all at once.

4. Place this image to your home page using the insert> image menu on your web site.






• Students will:
_understand how to create Wordle, Cool Sign, Jibjab video and Graffiti generation.

–understand various methods for inserting and embedding images

_expereince use of HTML code to insert video

• Have a fellow student check your work

•Have your pages checked by me

Project Examples



Insert - placing an image of document onto a page.

Embed - placing a site or image from another site onto your site by using code that draws the image or document into your site.

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