Tech skill area: Career exploration

Project - Investigate career possibilities


1. Go to

Log in using your Student ID number

Password is your birthday  month, day year  mmddyyyy


Click on the tab called MY PLANNER


Then the area "Tasks assigned to me"


You need to complete the three tasks listed below. Follow the instructions on each page. When done click "Mark complet" on the sidebar:

  1. Self-Knowledge Survey

  2. Self-Knowledge Survey - follow-up

  3. Explore Career Clusters

  4. Add Career Clusters to your list

Once you are done, please have your parents sign on and approve your work here.


Answer these questions based on what you found out from your work in Naviance:

What is your favorite career cluster? Do you think this fits your likes and talents? Why?

Explain a career that you found and how your skills and likes will make you a good fit for that job.



Essential Question
How can we best communicate using a computer?

• Learning Goals

_understand how to relate interests and skills to adult work choices

–how to investigate several careers within a career cluster

_what school subjects will help ensure readiness for future careers.

Project Examples




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