Tech skill area: Image retrieval and insertion

Project - Google portfolio page creation


1. Edit your About Me pages and add images.

2. Click Edit Page

new page

10. Now add 6 more images on your about me page from the Internet.

11 To get images from the Internet, search for what you want

3. Use PhotoBooth on your computer to take a photo of yourself by clicking on the cameraphotobooth

4. Play with the Effect filters and experiment


5. Once you have an image you like, drag it to the desktop are of your screen

6. To place this image on your site, click Insert>Image from your editing toolbarinsert imchoose

7. This will take you to a screen where you can see your computers directory


8. Choose Desktop then your image and click select

9. You can change where the image goes and it's size by clicking on the image.






• Students will:
_setup Google web site

_apply theme

_use formatting B, I, U,

_change text color

_change text size

_align text R, L, center

_insert a list - bulleted or numbered

_add a link

_insert images


• Have a fellow student check your work

• Place finished project on your Google portfolio web site as proof of your understanding. (Demonstrate)

• Answer these questions on the same web page

1 What did I learn?

2 Where or how can I use these skills in my future? (Understanding- application)

•Have project graded

Project Examples

About Me


formatting - to change how things look

manipulate - to alter or change

Home page