Tech skill area: Word processing and formatting text

Project - Google portfolio page creation


1. Edit your home page by clicking on the edit page button


3. Place the text "This is my work from computer class at Everitt Middle School" on the top of this page. format toolbar

4. Make sure to click Save





Essential Question
How can we best communicate with a computer?

• Learning Goals

_setup Google website

_apply theme

_use formatting B, I, U,

_change text color

_change text size

_align text R, L, center

_insert a list - bulleted or numbered

_add a link

_insert images


• Have a fellow student check your work

• Place finished project on your Google portfolio web site as proof of your understanding. (Demonstrate)

• Answer these questions on the same web page

1 What did I learn?

2 Where or how can I use these skills in my future? (Understanding- application)

•Have project graded

Project Examples

Home page ex


formatting - to change how things look

manipulate - to alter or change

Home page