Tech skill area: Web page setup

Days Activities - Google portfolio creation


1. Log in to Jeffco Google Apps

2.Use your student ID number as your user name and

birthday as the password mmddyy (month, day, year [four numbers ex 1997])


3. Click on sites and then create new


4. On the next screen you'll see sites. You will only create one site each year for this class. Remember this!

5. Name your site LAST NAME, FIRST NAME AND THE YEAR,  For example "sayloralison11"

6. Select a theme, or look for your site

site name

7. next under More Options, place saylor11 as the category

more opts


8. Now you're at your site. You'll see Create page and edit page at the right, these are important directions for working with your site

new page

9. When you click Edit page, you'll see the formatting toolbar, this is where you can format your text. This is important to make it more readable for your site visitors.

format toolbar



Essential Question
How can we best communicate with a computer?

• Learning Goals
_setup Google website

_apply theme

_use formatting B, I, U,

_change text color

_change text size

_align text R, L, center

_insert a list - bulleted or numbered

_add a link

_insert images

• Place finished project on your Google portfolio web site as proof of your understanding. (Demonstrate)


Project Examples

Home page ex


formatting - to change how things look

manipulate - to alter or change

Home page