Tech skill area: Digital Avatars

Project - Present biographical information on a famous persons as a Voki

Go to


and find a biography of a famous person you are interested in.

Find out:

  1. When did they live?

  2. Where did they live

  3. Why they are famous?

  4. What important things they did?

  5. Why is what they did important to our world?

  6. If you could go back in history and become this person, would you want to? Why? would you do anything different in your life as this person? For example, If you went back and became Abraham Lincoln, would you go to the theater that night?

Now go to 

Login as me  password raider


Create an avatar and have that character tell about your famous person by sharing the information you found above in the questions.

Customize the character in any way you choose.

You will probably need to create your Voki a second time to be able to include all the information required above. Publish both vokis.

Publish it and embed the code to a new page called VOKI on your Google Portfolio Web site.

Where else could you use a Voki Avatar in your school work?





Essential Question
How can we best communicate with a computer?

• Learning Goals


• Have a fellow student check your work

•Have your final work checked

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