Tech skill area: Presentations

Project - Create a presentation on a future career possibility

Good research skills:

INITIAL APPRAISAL of a web site's accuracy potential:

* Yes or no - Author
* Yes or no - Date of Publication AND is the site current
* Yes or no - Publisher or company
* Yes or no - Trustable domain .Gov, .Edu, .Org.. less reliable .com, .net, .tv...
* Yes or no - Bias
* Yes or no - Clean professional look


Presentation skills

Watch this ppt: it tells the right and wrong way to create ppts:

Choose a career from the College in Colorado that you MIGHT want to pursue as an adult.

Create a presentation on OpenOffice (hard drive>Apps>OpenOffice)

Choose a non-detracting background, it should stay the same for each slide

Create 10 slides

-Each slide needs an image to enhance the information you give on your career. To insert an image, you must do it through the menu, Insert>Image and then choose the image you have placed there from the Internet. Please also place the URL of the image to give it credit.

Each slide show must include the following information:

  1. Title slide 
    • Your name
    • date
    • career title
  2. Introduce the career
    • What will you do in a day?
  3. Entry level positions
    • What would your favorite parts of the job be?
  4. What do they actually do?
    • Working conditions , will you be at a desk, walking around, using heavy
    equipment, be outside...?
  5. More on the career
    • Advantages/disadvantages to the career
  6. What education do you need to get into this career?
    • classes to take in high school
    • do you need college -2 year, 4 year beyond or special training?
  7. What kind of money will you make in this career?
    • What is the beginning salary?
    • How much will you make when you are 35?
  8. How will you advance in this career?
    • Once you have been in this career for 20 years what kind of work will you be doing? Will you be a boss, supervisor, consultant...
  9. Where will you live doing this career?
    • Can you do it anywhere in the world?
    or will you need to live in a specific place?
  10. What are other careers in the area (for example health care of law enforcement) that you might also consider?

Present your presentation to the class


Create a new page on your Google portfolio web site web site and call it Career attach your presentation file to this page.

Add a few sentences about your career and what you learned about this job on this page and a screen capture of one of your slides.

How are presentations more efficient for conveying information?

Explain which you would prefer to create to share information, a paper or presentation? Why?


Essential Question How can we best display our learning using computers?

• Learning Goals

_understand how to research for correct information

–Find information on a career of your choice

_Learn how to create a presentation on Open Office

_Understand what makes a good presentation and what elements distract your audience from your information

_Know how to insert an image into a presentation

• Have a fellow student check your work

•Place your presentation on your Google Portfolio Web site

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