Tech skill area: Geospatial Literacy

Project - Round the World Travel Game

Learn Google Earth and Mind Mapping

You will be creating a race around the world game. You are a travel agent for a new television show.

You must choose one country from each continent, in that country one city and cool travel activity.

The contestant has 7 days to make it around the world to all of your chosen activities.

Create a Mind Map showing the continent, country, city, activity and images showing the activity or place of interest.

1. Open Google Earth and Mind 42

2        dsf

 Log in as me to Mind42>>>>      alisonsaylor   PW is    raider


Create a new Mind Map, make sure your name is in the title,.



Your map should look like this to begin with, place all the continents. Use the arrows to create the branches



To find the places on Google Earth, Open the app, choose a country in a continent, search for it in Google Earth:



To navigate around Google Earth click on the following layerssd


You may also find it helpful to use the navigation tool>>>>>

Find an image you like for your mind map on Google Earth. Click on it to get the URL of the image  



Here is an example of what Brazil in South America would look like:

. adsf


 Once you are done with your 7 continents, countries, cities and activities, you need to embed your mind map into your Google web site portfolio


Choose Embed then click on the publish mind map



Choose the iframe choice for code then copy the code


Create a new page called World Race and choose the HTML option

Paste the code into the HTML box in your web page

Answer these questions:

Which was your favorite country, and activity, why?

How was using a mind map helpful to show the information?



Essential Question
How can we best show connections with a computer?

• Learning Goals

_understand how to use Google Earth

–navigate to several locations on the planet

_Understand the power of mind mapping tools

_create a mind map on world travel

• Have a fellow student check your work

•Have project checked

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