Tech skill area: Geospatial Literacy

Project - Round the World Travel Game

Learn Google Earth

Open Google Earth and your Jeffco Google Docs


Type in Everitt’s address: 3900 Kipling Wheat Ridge, Co 80033 to find Everitt


Now find your house.

1. On a new page on your Google website  write exact instructions from Everitt to your home, for example left on to Kipling, south to 38th right/west to Ward Road....


2. Now by zooming out a bit on the Wheat Ridge area find an area that would give you enough space to build a school, pool or rec. building and explain why you choose it, remember access and existing buildings (Do this on your Google Doc.)

3. eBe a spy and snoop into your neighbors’ yards, state one interesting thing you didn’t know and found out, post the fact and a screen capture on your Google Doc

4. Finally find and list a type of business you are interested in, for example skateboard shops, coffee shops or pizza shops. What shop or business did you find that you didn't know about already? Place a picture of it on your Google Doc

NOW Insert your Google doc into a page called Google Earth on your Google Web Site Portfolio.




Essential Question How can we best understand the Earth with a computer?

• Learning Goals

_understand how to use Google Earth

–navigate to several locations on the planet

_Understand the power of mind mapping tools

_create a mind map on world travel

• Have a fellow student check your work

•Have project checked

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