Tech skill area: Digital Comics

Project - Learn Comic Life


Create your characters Hero and Villain

Go to one of these sites and create your own hero:

When you are done take several 4-5 screen captures, head, head and shoulders, full body.. so you have more than one hero image to use in your story.

sadfUse (apple, shift and 4) all together to take a screen capture, once your mouse looks like this, drag across thwe screen to capture the image. Once you hear the camera click, you will see an image appear on your desktop.

I expect you to have 3 pics of each hero and villian



stop here, the rest we will do another day



Page one - the Hero, you

Place a grid

Drag pics to your grid

Explore the details tab on each element - grid, photo, speech bubbles...

Explain the hero's everyday life, what do they do, where do they life. Who are their friends and family and if they have any super powers (if so how they got them)

Page two - the enemy, villain, bad guy

Place a grid

Drag pics you take or from the Internet to your grid or designed on the hero creators above, again take several shots so you have options for telling your story.

Explain the Villain and why they are bad, what do they do, where do they life. Who are their gang, if they have super powers

Page 3 The conflict

Tell what bad guy is up to, robbing a bank, planning a nuclear explosion, taking over the White House, think of something big

Page 4 The build-up

Tell how the good guy - you, (or their family, friends or country)- is effected by what the bad guy is doing

Page 5 The fight

Show the clash between the hero and bad guy. Do they fight, what happens when the good guy challenges the bad guy?

Page 6 The ending

The aftermath. Show what happened, who won, does the bad guy go to jail, is he killed, run away, will there be a next time... leave your audience hanging.

Print your comic to a .pdf format. and take a screen capture (apple shift 4) of one page of your comic.

Insert your screen shot and attach your comic to a new page of your Google Doc Web site Portfolio

Answer these questions

How did you use the"Details" tab to fine tune or alter the look and feel of your comic? What did you use?

Why do we like comics? Do graphics make reading more interesting? If so, why?


Essential Question
How can we best communicate with a computer?

• Learning Goals

_understand how to use Comic character generators

–take screen captures of characters

_find images from the Internet to support their story

_Create a classic good vs evil story

–Save comic book to web as .pdf

• Have a fellow student check your work

•Have Comic checked

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