Tech skill area: Career exploration

Project - Create a presentation on Google Docs telling about your career cluster

After studying about Career clusters the past two days, it is time to choose one of the clusters and a favorite job within this cluster.

Slide 1 Place a title and your name

Slide 2 Present your career cluster and favorite career

Slide 3 Present the salary range for your chosen career

Slide 4 Where can you advance within this career?

Slide 5 What skills do you need to do this job

Slide 6 What education do you need to do this job

Slide 7 What other careers in this cluster might also be good choices for you

Slide 8 Why would you be good at this job, (skills, likes, personality)


Insert images to every page

You may change the background images or themes to make your presentation more interesting.



Once you are happy with your Presentation, save it then insert it onto your website portfolio

Create a new page called Careers

Insert >presentation and choose your career presentation

Your presentation will appear in your web site page once you save it.

Evaluate the presentations of two of your classmates

Leave two questions and a comment on your classmates website.



Essential Question
How can we best explore jobs with a computer?

• Learning Goals

_understand how to show information and images in an onilne presentation

–how to customize the presentation

_look at job possibilities they may not have thought of

_learn to embed presentation into a Google Website