Tech skill area: Explore 3D modeling software

Project - Basic geometry with Google Sketch-up 3D Modeling Software

Open Google Sketchup and start




A. Open the program Sketch-up, save answers to these questions right on sketchup by adding a text boxdaer

Go to view and edit toolbar, Find the scale tool, drag it into your toolbar. This will help you to resize the objects in your models.

1. Use the rectangle tool to create a square

Use the tape measure to find out how long each side is (ignore the inches for now) make sure they are all equal in length by clicking on the shift as you drag the square.

Find the perimeter the square ( s+s+s+s ) in feet


2. Find the area of the square width x height (or s = area in square feet


3. Now use the push pull tool and raise the square into a cube remember try to keep sides equal, use the rotate tool to make sure it is not too tall. Find the surface area of the cube using 6 x a (area =s ) in feet squared. (like wrapping a gift box, the outside surface)


5. Find the volume of the square using b x h x w volume, in feet cubed (like filling a swimming pool - how much can it hold inside of the cube?).


Formulas can be found at:

(For extra challenge, find the area of a circle then use push pull to create a cylinder and find the surface area and volume of that cylinder. )


Assignment 2: Now play and create a house, park... what ever 3D project you choose.

Check out the 3D warehouse to find prebuilt items like buildings and cars



Use the components to add grass, building materials, shingles... to your modelssdfgdfad

Double click then drag and resize your component.

Place screen shots of your models (A) and your design (B) on a new page of your Google Portfolio Web Site. Answer this question:

How do you think Architects use software like this to do their jobs?

What parts were challenging?





Essential Question How can we represent objects on a computer screen?

• Learning Goals

_use 3D software to visualize geometric concepts and help formulas make sense.

• Have a fellow student check your work

•Have your final work checked

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