Tech skill area: Finder exploration

Project - Set desktop image, doc shortcuts and log-out

Doc setupapps

1. Double click on the hard drivedoc

2. Select the Application folder

3.Drag apps from the folder to the doc, this creates a shortcut so you can just click this shortcut instead of having to go into the App folder each time.



Set the desktop imagesyspref

  1. Click on the apple menu the top left corner.

  2. Choose system preferences.

  3. Choose an image from the selections or from the Internet by dragging it to the desktop

    desktop set

  4. Next drag the image into the window in the desktop pref.


  5. You can choice to tile or stretch the image.

  6. Your image must be appropriate for school setting. No sex, drugs, violence or gang images. Use Google Image search to find your images.




Each day before you leave be sure to log out.




• Students will:
_understand finder operations

–set desktop image

_set doc app shortcuts

–logout of the user

• Have a fellow student check your work

•Have doc and desktop checked

Project Examples



desktop - The part of the finder that gives you the visual of files, applications, folders and image.

doc - the area on a Mac where shortcut images to many applications you may use sit.

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